about Bridge 21



A welcoming neighborhood built around supportive housing offering a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for people with and without special needs.

Through intentional community, we create an atmosphere of love and protection, providing a platform for life without limits.


Bridge21 will be a non-profit organization seeking to provide a space for transition once our kids hit 21. We aren’t focused on any one need, but will include anyone with a development delay.


Simply put, Bridge21 was designed to provide opportunities and housing for our special needs kids once they turn 21. From our own personal story, we have found that it takes a village to embrace each and every beautiful human and help him or her realize their fullest potential.


How will Bridge21 get up and running? Together! Truthfully, one decision at a time, and we will need your help. If you’re interested in contributing financially or with your time and resources, please click below for more information.

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